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     Beijing Guozhen Education Technology Co., Ltd.

    北京必赢教育科技股份有限企业(以下简称必赢教育),由必赢网址集团高管注资1亿元人民币在北京注册成立。必赢教育秉承必赢亚洲“产业报国、奉献社会”的使命,以“厚爱育人 立德树人”为办学宗旨,以“做立体教育,育立体之人”为办学理念,以五个“结合”为特色,引领品质、树立品牌。创立集“科学早教、启蒙幼教、特色小学、精品初中、国际高中、跟踪成长”为一体的全成长周期优质高端教育体系,致力于培养具有深厚中华学问底蕴及高瞻国际视野的一流人才,打造国内特色一流教育品牌。

         Beijing Guozhen Education Technology Co., Ltd. (here after referred to briefly as Guozhen Education) has been registered and established in Beijing by the top executives of Anhui Guozhen Group for 100 million yuan. Guozhen Education adheres to the mission of serving the society in the industry of Guozhen Group. The purpose of the school is to cultivate people with love. Making three-dimensional education, and cultivate three dimensional people" as the school philosophy. It takes the five "combine" as the characteristic, leads the quality, and establishes the brand. It sets up "science early education, enlightenment preschool education, characteristic primary school, high-quality junior high school, international high school, track and growth" as one of the whole growth cycle quality high-end education system. It is committed to cultivating first-class talents with profound Chinese cultural heritage and international vision, and building a first-class education brand with domestic characteristics.
         Guozhen Education is the carrier of the curriculum system of children's four years and the "5G" curriculum system, so as to create a golden cradle for children. Fully implement the quality education required by the ministry of education. It can do the education, which is more suitable for children's development, and make it more suitable for children to grow up. According to the high standards of quality education, we cultivate the children's character, scientific, humanistic and artistic qualities in terms of talent cultivation, diversified selection, curriculum construction and team building, etc. Ensuring each child is successful in adult in the mode of Guozhen Education.

    Web site:http://www.guozhen-edu.com
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